Featured Weapon – Neptune Nova Details

Don’t cross this bow.

Even among other crossbows, this weapon has a reputation of having the most powerful shot. Thus, a warning: when you shoot is often more important than how often you shoot.

Names and details are subject to change.

Weapon type: Crossbow
Element: Frost
Magazine size: Infinite (yes, you read that right)
Rate of fire: Varies based on firing mode:
- Normal mode: 150
- Special “Volley” mode: 85

Weapon Skills

One important thing to point out first: crossbows CANNOT critically hit.

  • Increase Frost damage
  • When not moving, S-Energy is restored when a shot hits an enemy (each shot can only gain this effect once). Additionally, gain one stack of [Galaxy Wind] every second (up to a max), with each stack increasing attack. Dodging will also grant one stack, but stacks are gradually lost while moving normally.