News Wire: January 20 CN Devstream Summary

Featuring roguelike improvements, crossbow QoL, and other game improvements.

Earlier today (January 20 in China due to time zones, for those wondering about the title), the Snowbreak Bilibili account held a developer livestream discussing the game and updates they have planned, both in the short and longer term. They posted a summary of the stream after its conclusion going over these changes, which have been translated below:

  • Improvements to crossbow alt-fire (multishot mode), expected to be implemented before the Spring Festival in early Februrary
  • Unique Paradoxical Labyrinth buffs for Katya to be added soon (other operatives already have unique buffs available)
  • Adjustments to enemy spawn rates in Paradoxical Labyrinth, to be reviewed on an ongoing basis
  • Looking into adding other types of environments to Paradoxical Labyrinth
  • Continual improvements to character models on top of those done in previous updates
  • Special mail from operatives on their birthdays, which will also include Opal Vouchers
  • Improved controls for crossbow mode switching when near cover
  • Reopening of global chat after server improvements (CN server only, global servers do not currently have issues with chat)

There are also other details that were mentioned, though these were not noted officially in the summary, and thus should not be considered as confirmed at this time:

  • Some male logistics officers will have their art and profiles redone in order to change them to female
  • Plans to add bridal and schoolgirl outfits due to high demand
  • More developer streams
  • Plans to make previous event logistics sets more easily available
  • An outfit showcase room and potentially being able to change into outfits in the base, though they noted that the latter feature would be difficult to implement and cannot be guaranteed
  • No current plans for a female adjutant model

A livestream reward of 10 limited operative banner tickets was also announced. Check your in-game mailbox to receive it, as it should already have been distributed.