Haru - Absconditus

Haru – Absconditus Details

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The "Absconditus" was collaboratively developed by the military and Yggdrasil, providing huge improvements to close-combat performance. The blade is constructed of invincible alloy that can slice through any metal.

Weapon: Pistol

Element: Kinetic

"You want to see this sword? Sorry, but this is a weapon of death, one that you naturally will see on the battlefield.”
Do you feel it? The weight of the blade.

Standard Skill - Compensatory Justice

Passive: After Haru strikes a target, Standard Skill cooldown decreases and some S-Energy is restored.

Active: Charge to dash forward and cast Faithful Slice, dealing Kinetic damage to up to 5 enemy targets. Faithful Slice can pass through obstacles.

Support Skill: Swift Execution

Haru attacks targets with Evidentiary Slash 3 times, dealing Kinetic damage, then attacks with Executionary Slash once, also dealing Kinetic damage.

Ultimate Skill: Triumphant Body, Victorious Blade

⚠️ Quick terminology rundown before the skill description (you’ll need it):

  • Compensatory Justice is Haru’s standard skill
  • Faithful slice is the attack that is cast when Compensatory Justice is used
  • Body as Blade is the unique buff state that Haru enters when initially casting her ultimate skill
  • Victory Points are the resource that Haru uses to use skills while in her Body as Blade state

Haru attacks targets in a wide area in front of her, dealing Kinetic damage. Haru then gains Victory Points and enters the Body as Blade state.

While in Body as Blade state:

  • 1 Victory Point is consumed per second
  • Compensatory Justice (standard skill) cooldown is greatly reduced and casts an additional Faithful Slice. Casting Compensatory Justice does not consume S-Energy, but instead consumes Victory Points.
  • Triumphant Body, Victorious Blade can be recast to cast Final Blow, dealing Kinetic damage to targets in a wide area in front of Haru. Recasting Triumphant Body, Victorious Blade consumes Victory Points, but can be cast without meeting the Victory Point requirement, forcibly ending the Body as Blade state.
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