Mauxir – Shadow Ka Ability Preview

Go go gadget Kebechet!

A tactical exosuit developed specifically for Mauxir, it is equipped with a new tactical robot module. A connection between the robot, “Kebechet”, and the wearer’s Theotropic Nerves gives it the ability to transform.

Weapon: Submachine Gun
Element: Chaos

"Eh? You're asking what's wrong with my eyes? Hm, so you are thinking about me?"
"Operation complete, returning to the team."

23/10/2023 update: EN Snowbreak media has posted an updated ability reveal. This article has been also been updated accordingly.

Standard Skill: Dance of the Undead

Throw a "Kebechet" projectile at the target, exploding on hit and doing Chaos damage. Hold to charge up the ability, making the projectile travel faster and do more damage, as well as knocking up enemies hit. While charging, nearby enemies are knocked back, but stamina is consumed.

Support Skill: Vein-Squeezing Bind

Throw a "Kebechet" projectile at the target, marking the target and several other sub-targets. In this form, Kebechet is treated as a part of the main target, and not an auxiliary unit. All targets marked take Chaos damage over time. Dealing damage to the Kebechet projectile will transfer a portion of the damage to the main target (this is treated as skill damage and is not affected by damage bonuses or attribute buffs). The Kebechet projectile will disappear once the main target is defeated.

Ultimate Skill: Cyclical Collapse

Attack a target enemy, knocking up the enemy, slowing it, and dealing Chaos damage. After a delay, an explosion will detonate at the targeted location, dealing AoE Chaos damage.

Deiwos Passive: Ancestor's Protection

Active operatives gain one stack of [Dialetic] every second. After reaching a certain number of stacks, the next shot fired will consume all stacks to make it a guaranteed critical hit that does bonus damage.