News Wire: Katya Hotfix Buffs, General Bug Fixes

Tightening those bowstrings.

Katya Hotfix Buffs

It seems like CN players weren’t too happy with Katya’s performance as an operative, and they made sure to let Seasun know. They were quick to respond, posting a notice that they would be giving her several buffs to alleviate that issue:

  • Improvements to Katya’s “Legacy of Cunning” Deiwos passive to improve her damage output
  • Extra damage reduction while Katya is in Guidance III form from her standard skill
  • Tweaks to the damage ramp-up distance required before crossbows do full damage

Other General Bugfixes

There are other announced bugfixes announced in a separate post, mostly to do with Katya and the new Paradoxical Labyrinth roguelike game mode. Some bugs are relatively minor, like a Tess NPC holding the wrong weapon, but others are more meaningful:

  • Katya’s first shot after leaving Guidance III properly restore S-Energy via her standard skill neuronics
  • Shooting abnormalities when multiple Katyas are in the same Gigalink lobby
  • Enemy weak spot and skill targeting issues
  • Two issues related to Paradoxical Labyrinth status effects causing abnormal healing-related behaviour
  • Enemies in Paradoxical Labyrinth going out-of-bounds and other behavioural errors
  • Paradoxical Labyrinth skill description errors

Expect an update soon with these issues fixed, if it hasn’t already been released.