Psyche-16 Weapon Details

Featured Weapon – Psyche-16 Weapon Details

Stone Ocean 2: Kinetic Boogaloo

This weapon is made of patented material by Frontline Consortium, and part of the material can only be obtained through unmanned mining technology from asteroid contracted by Frontline Consortium, so the cost is high.

Element: Kinetic

Magazine size: 12

Rate of Fire: 240

Weapon Skill

  • Kinetic damage increased by 18%
  • Defeating targets or using Standard Skills grants a stack of [Corrosion], increasing attack by 6-10% (depending on dupe level) for a 5 seconds. When an Ultimate Skill is used, gain increased skill damage based on [Corrosion] stacks and refresh [Corrosion] stack duration. Each [Corrosion] stack increases skill damage by 6% for 5 seconds. If triggered more than once, only the most recent effect will apply.
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