Fogbound Dream - Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Fogbound Dream Main Event Overview

Coverage of Fogbound Dream, version 1.2 of Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Event, new characters, weapons, and more.

"The sky is full of fog, and the reality is unclear.”

Event start date: September 21, 2023

An account level of 30 or higher is required to participate.

Fogbound Dream is considered chapter 11 of the main story, but does not require the first 10 chapters to be completed

New Content

Limited SSR character: Haru - Absconditus

"You want to see this sword? Sorry, but this is a weapon of death, one that you naturally will see on the battlefield.”

Haru - Absconditus will be available in the “Gladius Within” limited character banner from September 21 to October 19.

Full character details can be found here.

Haru - Absconditus outfit: "Frostbit Flora"

Available in the shop from September 21 to October 19

Fritia - Hush outfit: "Nimble Hare”

Available in the shop from October 12 to November 2

Fritia - Hush will be on rate-up in the "Glimmer in Desolation” character banner from October 12 to November 2.

Fenny - Coronet outfit: "Stinging Rose”

Will be available through the premium battlepass

Limited SSR pistol: 16-Psyche

Will be available in the "Cataclysm of Steel” weapon banner from September 21 to October 19

Weapon game details can be found here.

New logistics set: Akitsu Squad

Akitsu Squad Details

More details here.

Haru and Yao added to dorms

Event Game Modes

Limited Event Boss: Will Anderson

Endless Battle

September 22 - October 9
Wave defense, will be co-op enabled

Chasing Light and Shadow

September 25 - October 16
Open world game mode, find and collect "data samples" to earn event currency. There will also be special events and challenge tasks available.

Clear missions to unlock higher difficulties and obtain greater rewards.

Foolish Mayhem

First half from October 9 - October 16, Second half from October 16 to October 23
A "challenge stage," appears to be similar to the Midnight Patrol game mode from Mingdeng Ritual, but likely different in game flow

Shrouded City Sweep

October 12 - October 29
A series of challenge stages, likely similar to Tactic Evaluation

Event Rewards

"New Tracks on Old Paths" login campaign

Get up to 10 limited character banner tickets

Completing event missions will grant digicash, event shop currency, and a new account cosmetic - a "Moonlit Sigil" avatar frame

Additional Memory Chips

September 21 - September 27 Log in to receive 4 Memory Chip bundles every day, each bundle grants 3 Memory Chips for use in Personal Files

Event Shop

  • Limited character gacha tickets
  • Digicash
  • New SSR weapon part (apparently a suppressor)
  • New logistics set - Akitsu Squad
  • New 4* pistol - “Wild Wasp Stinger”
  • Carbon Atomic Plate (SSR weapon uncap mat)
  • Quantum Cell (SSR Neuronic mat)
  • Revision Application
  • Opal Voucher (dorm currency)


Spirited Return event

Essentially a returner event for inactive players.

  • Available to accounts level 30 or higher who have not logged in within two weeks and haven’t triggered a returner event within the last 42 days (not that we’ve had any before now)
  • Complete missions to receive special rewards. No specific details on the missions or rewards are listed.