v2.0 Maintenance Overview

v2.0 "Suspense in Skytopia" server maintenance details

Maintenance starts at 11/7/2024, 10:00AM (UTC+8). This is earlier than past event maintenances! Convert to your time zone here. It is expected to last seven hours.

Maintenance rewards: 420 Digicash, 25,000 Silverbucks, 1 60AP stamina refill

The following is a selection of notable items from the full maintenance notes. You can read that here.

  • Added content related to v2.0 "Suspense in Skytopia." View full event details here.
  • 2x bonus for all Bitgold-to-Digicash exchanges reset.
  • Added Star Master-related easter eggs, viewable from Acacia's room in the Base.
  • Added chat sticker set "Lyfe Sticker Pack 1 and "Energy Cube." Available through the Choice Products shop.
  • Optimized the appearance of Katya - Blue Bolt's "Private Secretary" outfit and related combat effects. The outfit will also be renamed to "Elite Secretary." The adjusted version will be distributed via mail to all players who purchase or already own the outfit.
  • Optimized various main menu icons and gacha banner selection UI.
  • Optimized buff/debuff visual effects.
  • Optimized skill descriptions for some operatives and logistics sets to better represent their actual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Enya - Exuvia's Manifest 2 effect would not activate.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies frozen by Lyfe - Wild Hunt's support skill could not consistently trigger Twilight Squad's effects if her Wolf's Fang - Cluster neuronic was activated.
  • Fixed an issue where operatives with abilities that continuously consume energy would continue consuming energy even while frozen.
  • Fixed an issue where rate of fire was reduced while at low frame rates (lmao, what?).

As well, other bugfixes.