News Wire: Upcoming Acacia – Kaguya Buffs and Weapon Crate Compensation

As if Kaguya wasn't already broken enough. More weapon boxes is always nice, though.

Acacia Buffs

Acacia - Kaguya is scheduled for buffs in the near future, according to Snowbreak's official Weibo page. These buffs will affect Kaguya herself as well as her signature weapon, Pine Aurora. The buffs are as follows:

Acacia - Kaguya

Update: this buff was originally mistranslated, and has since been corrected.

Currently, Kaguya's Deiwos Passive provides a damage increase against enemies with movement speed reductions. To boost its uptime, her standard skill has been updated. The Jyougen Moon Darts deployed by her standard skill will persist even when swapping operatives. This will allow for the projectiles to apply the movement speed reduction, activating her Deiwos passive.

Pine Aurora

Kaguya's signature weapon also sees buffs. It will gain a new effect that increases Frost damage dealt by all party members while the equipping operative is not on the field. As well, the values of its existing weapon skill will be increased. This boosts the value of the stacking party attack buff that applies when the equipped operative's support skill deals damage.

Weapon Crate Compensation

If you've hung onto your weapon boxes that the game gives you, you might have noticed that the contents in them have changed. At some point, the original Conventional Weapon Bay, which included DPS-oriented weapons Discordance, Lucky Times, Indicator, Homecoming, and Wetland Park, was replaced by a different box that instead contained support weapons Frigatebird, Deep Sea's Call, Lapis Lazuli, Prismatic Igniter, and Strawberry Shortcake.

But if you close your eyes...

Seasun has also noticed this, and has announced that additional weapon boxes will be given out as compensation during the next maintenance. Compensation will be based on your exact circumstances: how many of the weapon boxes you've already used, and when you've used them.