“Perilous Snowpath” Event Details

Coverage of the Perilous Snowpath event of Snowbreak: Containment Zone. It's time for magic!

Who shall meet their end? Who shall make a sacrifice? Who shall claim victory?

Event starts on December 14.

Some names are subject to final EN localisation.

New Content

Limited SSR Operative: Tess Kotkin

"My magic... is nothing but cheap tricks..."

Before joining Yggdrasil, she was an ordinary high school student. Her dream was to become a great magician. She joined the Heimdall force to see the Adjutant again.

Tess Kotkin will be an SSR sniper rifle operative. She will be available in the "Fruitful Illusion" limited operative banner from December 14 to January 11. You can find a preview of her abilities here.

Tess Kotkin Outfit: Merry-in-Exile

Will be available for purchase at the Quartermaster from December 14 to January 11.

Lyfe - Wild Hunt Outfit: Ice Dancer

Will be available for purchase at the Quartermaster from December 14 to January 18.

Fenny - Coronet Outfit: Slopestyle Diva

Will be available for purchase at the Quartermaster from December 14 to January 18.

Yao - Winter Solstice Outfit: Snowridge Sledding

Will be available through the premium Hoarfrost battlepass from December 14 to January 17.

New SSR Weapon: Eccentric Joker

Electric sniper rifle
Will be available in the "Sweet Fairytales" weapon banner from December 14 to January 11.

You can find a preview of this weapon's details here.

New Logistics Set: Hjartagard Squad

Will be available through the event shop.

You can find a preview of this logistics set's effects here.


Tess and Enya Added to Dorms

New interactive furniture for Tess and Enya will be available at a temporary 20% discount. If current pricing holds, they should each cost 640 Opal Vouchers on discount, and 800 at normal price.

Tess: Elegant Tea Table Set
Enya: Deluxe Baking Station

Gacha Banners

"Fruitful Illusion" Limited Operative Banner

December 14 - January 11
Rate-up for SSR operative "Tess Kotkin"

"Sweet Fairytales" Limited Weapon Banner

December 14 - January 11
Rate-up for SSR sniper rifle "Eccentric Joker"

"Moonlit River" Limited Operative Banner Rerun

December 28 - January 18
Rate-up for SSR operative "Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud"

"Cinnabar Justice" Limited Weapon Banner Rerun

December 28 - January 18
Rate-up for SSR assault rifle "Anti-Evil Ward"

Gameplay Content

Main Story Chapter 12

The Adjutant was shot during an internal Yggdrasil purge operation codenamed "Breakpoint," while Lyfe was seriously injured and fell into a coma. The operatives were subsequently kept under house arrest, not permitted to leave until τ ordered the Adjutant to lead the squad on an escort mission to Yehrus.
At the Yehrus Border, Chenxing and Tess were ambushed while escorting the consignment and their comms were completely blocked. Various signs indicated that this was no ordinary escort mission.
What was τ really up to...?

Chapter 12 will be available to all accounts that can access the event, even if previous chapters have not been completed.

The Yehrus Border, located in the northern areas of the mainland, has been in constant civil war since the birth of civilization. Its natural state is one of cold, and it is here that the people of Yehrus have built cities and industry, fighting snow with steel.

Chapter 12 Boss: Joseph - Hardened

Icefield Outposts

December 28 - January 18

Challenge scoring, similar to Shrouded City Sweep from the Fogbound Dream event.
Use your own operatives or specified trial operatives to complete Battlefronts or Encampment challenges across three difficulty levels and obtain Peril Points. Earning more points will unlock rewards.

Glacial Margin

December 18 - January 1

Solo wave defense.

Song of Ice and Iron

December 20 - January 4

Solo/co-op boss fight. Has five levels that open at different dates and last until January 4, 2024.

Solo - Easy: December 20
Solo - Normal: December 21
Solo - Hard: December 22
Solo - Danger: December 23
Co-op: December 24

Your scores across all five levels will be summed up to obtain rewards based on your ranking on the leaderboard after the event.

Endless Battle

January 1 - January 18

A fan favourite, work with two other players to defend against waves of enemies while escorting a payload.

Login Events

"Northern Border Tour"

Log in for seven days between December 12 and January 4 to get ten limited operative banner tickets.

"Vibrant Wishes"

Log in for seven days between December 24 and January 6 to obtain rewards including an account Avatar, Avatar Frame, two 60AP refills, and 5 standard weapon banner tickets.

Additional Memory Chips

Log in between December 14 to December 20 to receive 4 Memory Chip bundles every day. Each bundle grants 3 Memory Chips for use in Personal Files.

"Wintertide Provisions" Event Shop

  • SSR weapon attachment "Wonderland Pass"
  • Limited operative banner tickets
  • "Swiftfoot" holographic model (see below)
  • SSR logistics set: Hjartagard Squad
  • SR sniper rifle "Wasp"
  • Carbon Atomic Plate (SSR weapon uncap mat)
  • Quantum Cell (SSR Neuronic mat)
  • Revision Application
  • Opal Voucher (dorm currency)

From December 28, 2023 to January 18, 2024, the Mingyi Squad logistics set will be available in the Unlimited section of the event shop.

Digicash and an Avatar Frame will also be available as a reward for completing event missions.

Like a little toy car.

Yes, the "Swiftfoot" truck looking thing is a trophy you can put in your base.

"Presence Patrol" Presence Consumption Event

From December 27 to January 10, consume Presence to obtain "Patrol Progress," which can be used to unlock various rewards.

December 14 Maintenance

Starts on December 14 at 1PM, UTC+8 and is expected to last about 7 hours.
Maintenance compensation: 420 digicash, 1x60 AP refill, and 25,000 silverbucks.

General Changes

  • The stamina cap has been raised from 160 to 240. This means that it will take 24 hours to fully replenish stamina from 0.
  • The ability to return to the login screen has been re-added to the settings menu.


  • New profile customisation content: two badges, three profile covers, one namecard, eleven avatars, and two sticker packs.
  • World chat has been added, open to accounts that are level 50 or higher. Gigalink will also receive squad chat.
  • A new setting will allow you to block friend requests.


  • A bug has been fixed that would sometimes lead to the Adjutant sitting in incorrect positions.
  • The Adjutant will now also be able to sit at specific spots in operatives' rooms.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Wild Hunt's ice rockets now fire and consume ammo at the correct rate.
  • Using Wild Hunt's standard skill in Gigalink also will no longer briefly stop you.
  • Hush's standard skill will properly burn the rear turret weakspot of Ni-Mechs.
  • Some aim assist optimizations for when targeting enemy parts.